Ascendix. A Must Have CRM for Commercial Real Estate.

Ascendix. A Must Have CRM for Commercial Real Estate. A Must Have CRM for Commercial Real Estate.

The New Ascendix Technologies is a legacy provider that has added additional options and products in order to service all Commercial Real Estate professionals. 

xRE for Salesforce – in an effort to target the small brokerage community, we have expanded the AscendixRE product to the Salesforce platform with our first edition called xRE Foundations which is a streamlined and functionally “right-sized” solution for the office that has under 20 brokers.  We’ll soon be introducing xRE Enterprise which will be targeted for the larger brokerage that traditionally has a more extensive list of requirements.  The introduction of the Salesforce platform (along with the existing Dynamics CRM offering) places Ascendix in a unique position to offer “un-biased” CRM consultation and putting the “power of choice” in the hands of the client. 



xRE Mobile – although both Salesforce and Microsoft have their own mobile platform, we felt strongly that in order for the mobile commercial real estate professional to get value out of an app, we had to build it specifically for real estate use cases.  Our native iOS apps are available on both the iPad and the iPhone and feature a rich searching capability along with mapping integration, stacking plans and soon to be released brochure creation and delivery.


image008 A Must Have CRM for Commercial Real Estate.

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