Are You Willing To Go End to End?

End to End.

To help you understand what it is let me explain. End to end is a term used for the most part when referring to the beginning and end points of a method or service. The basic thought behind this is to eliminate the middle layers or potential wasteful processes that can be either delegated or passed on to another company. In theory, it helps the originator of the end to end solution with the ability to focus on a core process while using a timely and efficient approach to complete a manufacturing or service task.

Drilling a Little Deeper.

End-to-end processing can take a number of forms. One example of end-to-end processing includes directly connecting buyers and sellers within e-commerce. It’s staring you in the face just about every day, it’s called Amazon. Another example of an end-to-end process is when it is managed by a third party. The third party, for instance, manages the design and production of a particular product, sometimes also with the ability to provide the product directly to the end user. In the end-to-end processing of goods and services with third parties, companies will build a relationship with a company, providing streamlined end-to-end servicing and helping the company manage a portfolio of services for greater efficiency.

All In and Then Some?

Projects where a full range of services is required within the end-to-end process, companies will often want to be the leading provider of all services from end to end. A single end-to-end service provider is often and easily found within the technology industry. (Are you starting to see where this is going?) In the technology industry, end-to-end solutions are everywhere. These solutions are most effective and happen when a service provider is responsible for the purchase, installation, implementation, maintenance, and user interaction. This type of end-to-end processing within the technology industry has many obvious advantages. And for most, it’s seen as an advantage for both parties involved.

How About Your End?

You now have a pretty good idea of what this end-to-end thing is. It’s not too hard to grasp. Have you already experienced this first hand? Not yet? Not so sure? You saw someone in the office recently with a neck beard and a flannel shirt. Was that it? Probably not. That was your bosses nephew stopping by to show him how to set up email on his Blackberry (Canadian?) or maybe not. At the very least he was there to help download the latest version of Microsoft Office.

High, Hard and Inside.

Almost every tech related company involved in and around our business is pitching this end-to-end solution. They are targeting many different aspects of commercial real estate from building services and maintenance, property management and workflow solutions among others and yes, that does include……….the transaction. I now have your attention right? And I can hear you already. “Don’t even try and touch my transaction.” I understand your concern. Your first thought is that they will in some way try and eliminate part of your money and or your value from that transaction. Or even eliminate part or all of you from that transaction. What they are trying to do at least at the beginning is eliminate a certain part of the commercial real estate transaction process. They will call it a “pain point.” And for doing that they want to collect data and get paid to do it.

Hey Now!

The elimination of this pain comes in many forms, and yes they will convince you that it does indeed include the transaction. So, should you be that worried? Not if you don’t let them in right? Hard to do if they are not part of it. That’s certainly a strategy. What if you can’t stop them? What if it might be some form of advantage to have them there? Had you considered those two options? Let’s start with them being part of the transaction no matter what. How many ways can or could that happen? What advantage would there be to letting them in maybe even helping them once that are in and part of the transaction?

What are You Missing?

What if this end-to-end strategy thing does not work? What if you don’t let it work? Is it just all about money? Your money. You and I both know the answer to that, and it is a big YES. Come on, if there is anything you have down it’s the way to make sure any and all dollars from the transaction get in your pocket Period! Damn Straight! It’s YOUR money after all… or is it? They may you at the start thinking that it’s a data play and you are of course a bit open to that as long as they don’t do what? Yes, yes NOT touch your money. They will help with your workflow and help streamline the transaction to the point where you almost have to do what? Nothing. Now, how awesome will that be? What are the basics of that end-to-end thing again? They pretty much want to do it all with you and or your company as the “partner.” Oh, wait, “paying partner.”

You Do Have It Figured Out, Almost.

So, your instincts are right. Are you sure you understand why? It is without a doubt about YOUR money. Let’s be up front here. They are going to get some of it. Yes, they are. At some point, someone’s going to figure out how to get it all. I’m not talking about every transaction here. Not yet anyway. But, somebody will and probably already has it figured out. Here’s an interesting thought. What are you willing to give away to keep it?  Think about that. Your first instinct is to say Never. That’s going to be a huge mistake. You need to always be a part of that end-to-end transaction. You are like, “Duke, I’m already there. I handle it all. I got this.”

Are you sure of that?

Are You?

You’re not missing anything?

You better not be.

Are you ready are you able and……

Are You Willing To Go End to End?




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Duke Long

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