Are You Smarter Than The Top 100 People In Commercial Real Estate Technology?

In New York.

Last week in NYC I attend an event with what I called at the time the most amazing list of assembled #CRE and #CRETech hitters that I have ever seen in one room. It was eighty ninety or one hundred of the industries prime mover-shakers doers and decision makers. We are talking TRILLIONS of dollars in assets. TRILLIONS.

The panels and presentations were without peer and the networking without precedent.

During one of the major panels, they opened it up for questions about the future of #CRETech and what the panelists thought that may be. Of, course I had to speak up and asked the panel a question. I am paraphrasing myself here ” how do you see the effects of blockchain in commercial real estate?”

Total silence. Silence and then a response of “that may be way over our head to be able to make any comment.”

Now, before I asked the question I had a pretty good idea of what I thought they might answer.

So I was a bit taken back by the response or lack there of. I also had a thought that at least a couple of the people on the panel knew exactly what blockchain was and is so maybe they did not want to go too far out away from the central topic.

Fair enough.

“While many debate the value of adopting a digital currency, there’s a growing awareness that blockchain technology can revolutionize commercial real estate. First came the personal computer then the internet and next we had the mobile phone, now we have blockchain.” Duke Long October 28, 2015

Yea, I am quoting myself.

Now let’s step back for a bit, back just a few months ago. I have been thinking about BlockChain and what it could mean to commercial real estate for even longer.

I thought about what it may do to the actual markets of commercial real estate. A market so transparent that it could create commercial real estate data and make it a Hedgeable Commodity.

Commercial Real Estate Data As A Hedgeable Commodity.

I then followed it up with…

Market Transparency. The Willingness To Trade. Why This Matters.

I then explained why Ethereum was the platform that could handle it all.

Ethereum: A Platform for Decentralized Applications.

I then took it much further than that and went into detail about property records financial services and open API’s

Commercial Real Estate and Blockchain. Let Me Help You Understand Why This Matters.

So there you have it. You now have more knowledge that possibly eighty ninety or one hundred of the biggest hitters in commercial real estate.

If you know one of the big hitters yourself why don’t you school them on The BlockChain and Commercial Real Estate.

Help push it forward for all of us.

Are You Smarter Than The Top 100 People In Commercial Real Estate Technology?


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