• Duke,

    Once again, great take. I’ve not participated in MIPIM but have worked closely enough with international firms to realize that we must think globally.

    In fact, I would offer up that US brokerage compensation model will migrate towards a UK based compensation model. My crystal ball reads 8 years for the change. When you look at the changing demographic in the US coupled continuous technological advancements, it’s not if our compensation will change but when will it change.

    Tell JCG I said “Hey”.


    • Jim,
      I do communicate quite a bit with CRE people form the UK for some reason. Very interesting conversations. Very mature market in many ways. JCG needs me to help him “strategize” at the family Villa!:)

  • I was at MIPIM and, as usual, got a lot out of it. That said, MIPIM is not a global fair in spite of all the best French intentions. It’s a regional, European, fair. It’s heavily focused on networking – Expo Real in Munich in October is a better place to sit down and do business.

    MIPIM is a natural place to go for people that are actually participating in the global community which you are since I’m watching you in Budapest, Hungary.

    P.S. – I thought your sound was muddy today – you might try experimenting with a lapel mike.

  • Thanks Duke for your continuing to remind our peers that we are a global community. I have witnessed how we got closer since my first MIPIM in 1989 I think as well as online as you rightly point out. And yes consider yourself invited for next year’s CREOpoint & the Wall Street journal pre-MIPIM party! Meanwhile here’s what I heard from global leaders at MIPIM 2011 http://bit.ly/if8Vno ((CREOpoint MIPIM newsletter was sponsored by W. P. Carey & KPMG)