And The Headline Reads “CoStar Prepared To Sue Thousands Of ‘Freeloaders’ Who Use System Without Paying.”


Before I get started let me give all the linkbacks and credit to the Bisnow team, Mark, Champaign, and the author Jon Banister.

It’s their story and all credit for the research, reporting, and writing go to them.

Again And The Headline Reads “CoStar Prepared To Sue Thousands Of ‘Freeloaders’ Who Use System Without Paying.”

*What follows is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

The story begins…..

Of course, it does because that’s how you treat people any people in commercial real estate who don’t pay out the ass, as if they are what they are and that is “freeloaders.”

Here is the simple scenario.

Company A has a brokerage of 10 people. According to #TheDarkStar, ALL must pay to have access to that all important data.

The data they received FREE from the people in company A.

Oh, again they “improved’ it by……..flying over in a Cessna (Look that shit up) and making it “better, more….timely, and actionable.”

One more time, one of the methods used and promoted by a commercial estate “data vendor” ( I use the term loosely) TODAY!!!!! is to fly over it in a small light aircraft.

I wonder how much that costs? What’s that line item number? We are all in #CRE we know numbers.

Question. Are Google maps not working? How about ESRI? Must be broken or something? I’m asking?

Oh and Google. Mapping is done by them for FREE!. What’s Google’s market cap……..I digress.

So in that ten-person firm, every broker MUST be registered and PAY to access that data.

Question: What if I happen to be visiting in an office and a computer is on and I glance that way, should I be charged?

The answer must be yes. I’m in the room the computer is on and I might have actually seen some data. Shit, what’s the charge for that? wait, you have to be a broker. Wait, I am a broker, but not a member of that firm.

What if I’m sitting next to a broker in an airport, and I happen to see a picture of a building?

Oh my now that’s a reason to sue right there. The all-important and valuable picture taken by whoever the hell. Once it’s in the system it’s owned by who? How about Getty, they seem to own a bunch of pics? I wonder if they could make a claim? Hell, how many buildings are in Getty’s database? I wonder if that’s some kind of usage breach? I wonder how much the Getty lawyers get paid? Hmm….lawyers suing lawyers over data created by someone else.

What if I’m sitting next to that broker in the airport and I’m an actual client who gave the broker the data in the first place?

You’re right they need to cover that shit up. No peeky. Can’t look at your own data unless you pay out the ass to see it.

Think about that. The true accurate and original data source can’t access their data unless they do what, pay and if they don’t they are what?


Getting your ass sued FREELOADERS!

Of course that just one potential use case correct?

What other FREELOADERS are out there and NEED to be or MUST be SUED?

  1. Anyone not paying = Freeloader.
  2. Anyone, not a registered broker = Freeloader.
  3. Anyone Not sitting their ass in front of a 1995 Dell desktop with Office 95 = Freeloader.
  4. Anyone remotely in or near the ownership of a building = Freeloader.
  5. Anyone remotely on the planet near a building = Freeloader.

Basically, Anyone on the planet not kissing the ass of and paying #TheDarkStar = Freeloader

Now, wait is that not what the article says?

Don’t get me wrong I can read just in case you were wondering BUT…

What kind of fucking PR is this?

What are you saying to the industry?

Well, it’s obvious.

Fuck You you freeloading pieces of……

Pay up shut up stay away and or get SUED!

Ok, fair enough.

Point taken.

Sue your customers. It’s a strategy.

It’s a strategy that works because???

Becuase it can.

Who’s fault is that?

Not #TheDarkStar.

It’s the fault of everyone who exists on the planet who dares…..

Not to shut the fuck up and pay!


+1 You can’t make this shit up.

+1+1 All the $$ in this business and the little bully still is going after your lunch money.


*In case you missed it.









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