AMP Technologies. The Only Way To Strategically Manage Your Commercial Real Estate Performance In Real Time.

AMP Technologies. The Only Way To Strategically Manage Your Commercial Real Estate Performance In Real Time.

AMP Technologies. The Only Way To Strategically Manage Your Commercial Real Estate Performance In Real Time.

The AMP [Asset Management Platform] is the real estate industry’s only comprehensive and intelligent operating software platform. It provides real estate owners and investors with a real-time 360-degree view of the financial health of a portfolio or building, anytime, anywhere, on any device. The AMP unites data from various sources and silos into one platform, where it becomes actionable faster. What that can do is provide a 6 percent to 8 percent NOI improvement in the first year. Below are some brief and varied use cases.

Streamline Financial and Leasing Activity Reporting, Leading to Saved Time and Better Asset Management.

The CEO of a New York-based owner/developer, with an international portfolio of 18 million square feet, needed 3 reports, from 3 different systems, run by 3 different people, delivered to him 3 times a month, in order to monitor his commercial real estate portfolio. Since adopting The AMP platform, he logs on to his iPad using The AMP UBER Manager and AMP SPARK mobile apps, whenever he needs to, wherever he may be, to see in real time: NOI & value, status of receivables, upcoming notice dates, and the status of deals in the leasing pipeline.


Monitor Individual Retail Store Performance in Real Time and Optimize Store Site Location.

A global commercial real estate services company needed a solution for its retail customers who are shopping center owners and developers. They need to monitor not only NOI and leasing activity, but also a streamlined way to incorporate sales rent, analytics on customer habits, as well as further insight on growth zones, competitive landscape, and demographics. Retail SiteMAP from AMP provides this competitive advantage to their clients. Not only for managing existing retail assets, but in helping developers determine where to build, and helping retail tenants find the best new locations.

Better Manage The Risk of Insuring Commercial Real Estate.

A UK based provider of insurance and risk management services needed a way to manage better the risk of insuring commercial real estate. They wanted to monitor NOI and occupancy in real time, have a way to securely manage documents, and help streamline the claims process and occupational safety record keeping. The AMP provides that real-time view into their insured’s assets performance, a document management archive, and can provide same to the owners of that asset.

Streamline, Simplify, and Save Enormous Time Reporting to Investors

An East Coast based owner of grocery-anchored shopping centers needed to dedicate an additional staff member to limited partner investor reporting every quarter. Contributions, distributions, and supporting building performance was tracked manually in excel. Cash flows from assets had to be manually exported from the lease accounting system of record into Excel. That staff member spent 2 weeks every quarter updating the Excel model and manually preparing statements, adding up to 2 months a year in very expensive man hours. Integrating The AMP platform atop their lease accounting system of record, with the included investor reporting module, reduced the time spent by 70 to 80%. Cash flows from the accounting system are captured automatically, and report for every investor can be produced in 1 run.


Surveil Commercial Real Estate Loans in Real Time.

A major national lender came to us to see if we could apply our technology to monitor debt status and covenants. Particularly to avoid the annual compliance and surveillance paperchase to see if the loan is performing and in compliance with all covenants. All the loan documents are stored on The AMP platform, while dynamic connections to the borrower’s systems enable the lender to monitor NOI, occupancy, leasing pipeline, and debt service coverage in real time, anytime. Compliance with loan covenants can be continually monitored and issues leading to being out of compliance, or potential default, can be identified preemptively.

Better facilitate communications and interaction with building tenants and occupants, while aggregating powerful analytic data.

The University of San Diego, Graduate School of Real Estate, was seeking a better way to communicate with and engage with students, faculty, and alumni. Vital information, updates, events, changes were distributed by email, information was fragmented, not always reaching everyone, and very inefficient. HALO, the proximity social network for real estate from AMP, solves for this by engaging all stakeholders in 1 platform that facilitates all communication, in all directions. HALO can be deployed as part The AMP platform, and providing real-time analytics on tenants and building citizens to asset managers, or as a stand alone proximity social network.


Brokerage operations and opportunities.

A boutique tenant representation brokerage firm needed to better serve their customers and capture business to optimize their current and future revenue potential. Opportunities to capitalize on commissionable events such as options and renewals were being missed because individual brokers were relying largely on memory. The AMP services division was utilized to abstract all leases on file and new ones as executed. They were digitized and made searchable on The AMP platform. Managers could periodically search future date ranges for expirations, options, and associated notice dates, in order to identify and assign revenue opportunities. Abstracted leases could be accessed in 2 clicks to get to key clauses if needed. The brokerage staff, in turn, utilized AMP SPARK to report and track their transaction pipeline, and it’s built in CRM capabilities to record sales activity, appointments, and manage follow-ups. All activity across the organization can be aggregated to manager’s desktops via the platform as well.

Only The AMP provides a single portal giving you a dynamic, real-time view into your data from varied systems and silos. Making this data instantly actionable, streamlining processes, and provides tools to predictively and preemptively, model and forecast on the fly.

There is nothing else like it is available in the marketplace.  

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AMP Technologies. The Only Way To Strategically Manage Your Commercial Real Estate Performance In Real Time.


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