Abandon All Social Media NOW!

Abandon All Social Media NOW!

It Has To be Done!


Save the world.

Save the universe.

Hell, at least save yourself.

You know social media is stupid and a complete waste of time.

Go ahead you won’t miss a thing….. and you will NOT BE MISSED.

You tried it right?

You tweeted a couple of times.

You “Liked” a clients page last year….once……. or maybe that was your bosses wifes Pinterest page thing.

You took a glam shot from five years ago and posted it up in your LinkedIn profile… just like a resume.

You followed all your college sports teams ……just in case someone checked and thought you might be letting your team down.

You followed this years quarterback, point guard or coach until….they lost quit got fired injured or arrested then you….unfollowed.

You followed the “famous” people you  “Like”  so they could let you see just what they want you to see which is their FACE all the time and what and awesome life they have and ………..you don’t!

You have engaged connected long-tailed short-tailed and seo’d…………..because it’s the right strategy……… or so you were told.

You hear that there should be a “balance” of online and offline activities……..to get that face to face and close the deal.


Go Back To What Has Always And Will Always Work.

The phone….the phone on your desk. Use it.

COLD CALL…..and be proud of it.

Use a spreadsheet………a simple spreadsheet.

Redo and clean up your CRM.

Walk into your bosses office and sit in front of him and tell him…….tell him what you are doing. Tell him why.

You know why.

It’s real measurable gritty hardcore work.

You know that’s what he wants……………from you.

Send him weekly updates via email of your spreadsheets with percentages and actual contacts. His head will tingle just looking at it. He will smile.

Show him your notes from your face to face meetings. He will shake your hand….in front of people.

Count the doors of potential clients you walk thru everyday. Think of them like links in a chain. Walk thru a door everyday. Don’t break the chain.

Hey, remember (ABC ) Always Be Closing.

Abandon All Social Media NOW!

Feel good about it.

Need my permission?


Go ahead.

Abandon All Social Media NOW!





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