A Very Special Thank You To 3 Amazing Companies.

A Very Special Thank You To 3 Amazing Companies.

You may have noticed that my site has in the last year or so featured banners from a few choice #CRETech companies.

I would like to give you a little back story on why they are there.

I want to do this to be what’s called by the kids “more transparent.”

I have had several people ask me how much time it takes to keep this site updated with content and still do my job.

It’s getting easier as I get deeper into whatever The #CRETech scene was is or may be. I’m in a groove…most of the time.

It does, however, take a lot of time for my brain to grasp what content should make it on my site. That involves reading and then reading some more and then reading.

Now there are the obvious posts that are completely intended to entertain (and sometimes offend) to lighten things up a bit.

I have always stood by the simple premise that anyone who takes their precious time to click here wants to be educated informed or entertained. If I’m lucky, I hit all three in a single post. That of course, is rare. I have said this many times that no matter what I put up 50% are going to enjoy and 50% are not. It’s a given.

For reasons that continue to stun me to this day I have built up a consistent number of daily weekly and monthly “views.”

“How many you say?” Let’s just say it’s more than 1.

With those eyeballs comes a certain amount of responsibility.

It’s a responsibility I take seriously by trying to provoke question dig scream laugh rage encourage cheer and sleeplessly grind with all the passion I can for this beautiful business.

In doing so, I have met the most amazing people individually and many teams of people trying to change the world.

We connected through introductions emails phone calls and more often than not they have read something on my site and reached out to me. Happens all the time….pretty much every day.

I get pitched with just about everything you could imagine. Write a book, do a podcast, ghostwrite, speak, create content for FREE! and on and on.  Although it’s flattering and it’s nice to be wanted my mindset, for the most part, has been just to keep it all here at home on dukelong.com

It’s not that I am picky, or well maybe I am picky, but it’s my name reputation and site so I can choose to do what I want.

Over time, I have been able to like anyone else build relationships and understand the people and or companies that I want to be associated with. We all do the same. You are at X brokerage or company because of the “fit.”

REthink CRM



I first met Vijay at ICSC maybe four years ago. He had what I thought was a strong product and was just starting to build his team. Fast forward to now and they are now a POWERHOUSE #CRE #RE CRM company with 100k plus customers ( that is not a typo), and he is killing it with great engineering brilliant hiring and a company culture that says Austin weird in the best way possible. Vijay and Greg made an effort to connect with me and flat out blew me away the people at REthink. Yes, we have had dinner, yes I have sat in the vibrating chair in their office and yes, it’s when none of that stuff is going on that totally captivates me. I have sat in on meetings scrums and whatever they are calling those things today. It’s the people, it’s the team, it’s how they do it. PERIOD!

I can’t thank them enough for what they have helped me learn and they way they have let me inside everything they do.



ddaggfgg (1)

I met Michael at where else ICSC many years ago and we struck up a friendship. He’s my debate partner sounding board devil’s advocate guy. He’s been in the #CRETech game since before there was a #CRETech game almost. He created a #CRE #CRM product based on ACT way back in the day and sold it to…..The Dark Star…but I have not held that against him. A man’s got to eat. He even helped me with my template for my newsletter that goes out once a week. The man has skills. To get to the point, he came to me and said he would like to promote his product and moreover support what I was doing. I was flattered, and all he does is continue to be my friend help me in any way he can and keep pushing #CRE forward.  All of that with twin girls and the burden of surfer boy good looks.



Ascendix Duke Long Ad v2

I met Wes and his partner in some small coffee shop in Indy a few years back. They were in town pitching customers, and we chatted and agreed to keep in touch. I stayed off the Asendix radar for a while and jumped back on here and there. Wes would occasionally send me emails with his grand vision of what CRM should and could be. To a point, I almost always agreed with him. I would classify Asendix as somewhat of a legacy company. They have been doing it and doing it well for a long time. They have major as in Big League #CRE #CRM users all over the world. I recently visited their offices in Dallas and was treated to mouth watering BBQ and intellectual conversation with Wes sporting one of his many pairs of cowboy boots.

Different Times 3.

Each one of these companies is going about how they do business in different ways. All are without a doubt customer first companies. They have passion drive and long term looks. Each one thinks (rightfully so) that they are helping commercial real estate be the best it can possibly be. It may be one broker or brokerage at a time. That’s what works for them. It always has it always will.

Their unwavering and unquestioning support of me and my site enables me to try and push #CRE beyond thoughts practices and visions never thought possible. They are so much a part of that already. If you meet me in person in your home city, and we strike up a conversation that provokes your brain to think beyond what you have in the past or we connect, and you help me understand what you are doing to kill it locally remember the individuals and hardworking teams that helped get me there.

There are hardworking people feeding families creating jobs and building companies that they want to last far beyond their vision and legacy.

That is something in my opinion that does not get enough attention today.

So, Thank You.




Thank you all….for your support faith and willingness to help us all push #CRE forward.

A Very Special Thank You To 3 Amazing Companies.


Duke Long

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