A Very Special Thank You To 11 #CRE Companies Helping Change The World Forever!

Where to begin…….

It has been for me by all measures an amazing year.

Next year is already shaping up to be even more incredible.

I’m lucky, I have a certain type of freedom that most may not have and I know it.

I can go where I want, do what I love, say (mostly) what I want and meet the most amazing human beings on this planet.

The never-ending quest to change the commercial real estate world for the better. I love this beautiful business.

That freedom does not come without support.

Support has many forms. A conversation, an email, an introduction here and there.

There are also companies and the people behind them that have supported me for years

Every year I try and thank them for their kind and unrelenting support.

I’m left with the feeling that a Thank You from me is never enough.

Below is a simple list with links to each and I thought I would do something different this year and give them a chance to show you what I have seen forever and that just how amazing they are through their words and visual Tweets.

Open Box Software (Pty) Ltd

Ascendix CRM






InBuild Forums

Quantum Listing



All I can say again is THANK YOU!


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