A Very Big 2018 Thank You To 13 Special #CRE Companies!

Where to begin…….again.

As I travel about the planet and observe the amazing world that is #CRE and #TECH it would not be possible without the kindness and support of many special people.

I’ve stated many times before that I realize that I have a certain amount of freedom that some do not and with that freedom, I make sure that anyone and everyone I meet knows what and who makes that possible.

Support has many forms. A conversation, an email, an introduction here and there, a handshake and sometimes silence when there maybe should not be. For that, I am beyond thankful.

Every year I try and thank them for their kind, generous and unrelenting support.

I’m left with the feeling that a Thank You from me is never enough.

So with that let me feature each one individually and let them show you with pictures and words just how special they all are!

ClientLook: Commercial real estate CRM The hassle-free all-in-one commercial real estate CRM that you’ll love to use.

Ascendix: We develop, customize and configure CRM software to make it truly yours.

Quantum Listing: Search, Post and Share Real Estate Listings.

Buildout: Awesome marketing for commercial real estate. 

OneSpot: Property Management App & Facility Management Software.

Apto: The No-Hassle Intelligent CRM for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

OpenBox Software: We deliver software and services to the Real Estate industry.

Commercial Agent Success Strategies: Invest In Yourself. Build Your Business. Earn More Commissions.

Dealius: Pipeline Management for Today’s Commercial Real Estate Brokerage.

RealNex: The Only CRE Tech You Need. Win More Business. Close More Deals. Faster.

Point Guard: Building Analytics with Real Empowerment, Real Performance, Real Profits.

Leverton: The only true AI-powered data extraction platform for corporate documents.

Massimo Group: Coaching to transform your personal commercial real estate business.

Again, A Big Thank You To All!

Looking Forward To An Even Better Year Ahead!

Duke Long

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