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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words. Video Is Worth Millions Of Real Dollars.

View The Space (VTS)

Big commercial real estate tech news this week from my friends at View The Space. They received seven million dollars of venture financing.

My congratulations go out to CEO Nick Romito and his amazing team.

Click on the links below for the official announcements.

Wall Street Journal

The Real Deal

Commercial Observer


So you own a building ( lets say 3 Columbus Circle NY) and you want to market it to potential tenants. You call View The Space and they send out their team and they create 3 Columbus Circle 23rd Floor NY.

Ok, you say “nice video good presentation nice layout.” YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT!

They are not just giving you a pretty video they are giving you …………..

Unmatched visibility, real-time lead generation, and data-driven reporting.

Click the links again. THEY ARE DOING IT FOR YOU……….WITH VIDEO!

A quick thought.

Interesting that Loopnet now offers video. I looked all over their site and couldn’t find it anywhere. Sigh (The Dark Side)

Oh wait with Loopnet you create the video yourself. You have to download it and then they own it….I could go on….HOLY &$^ I digress.

What this means to you.

You want to market your building with video.

You contact View The Space…and it’s done…….I said done. Period.

That’s called providing you a business solution.

I won’t bore you with the finite details of the data and the marketing impact. You already get that.

Sit back for a second and think of what they should be working on. Yea, it’s coming. They are on it.

I have had a few conversations with Nick and with 1000 percent respect to his technical team I think of VTS as a sales organisation.

They go door to door street to street block to block burn the shoe leather. We all love us a little old school.

How much did Google pay for YouTube?

VTS is not YouTube for commercial real estate….or is it?

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words. Video Is Worth Millions Of Real Dollars.


Hey Nick! Just For You.



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