A Commercial Real Estate Verticle: What’s Next?

A Commercial Real Estate Verticle: What’s Next?

What’s a Verticle?

A verticle by basic definition is a free social monitoring tool that helps commercial real estate brands track and engage in conversations across the web about their brands.

What would it do?

-Daily measurement of social media conversation for commercial real estate.

-A verticle’s strength is in its ability to understand commercial real estate specific language and taxonomy.

-Monitor commercial real estate specific social platforms.

-Build around the uniqueness of commercial real estate conversations.

-Monitor specific platforms, both mobile and web-based, that may be seen as too niche to track by other social monitoring tools.

The users!









-Mixed Use


-Etc etc etc

-Markets  Top 20 , Secondary, etc etc etc.

– Just think…… Localized social commercial real estate monitoring?

How it would work:

-The data is put in by the brands and would then be syndicated to partners which would then be pushed out to the partners aggregated audience. Which if you think about it could number in the kabillions. Can you say”Clients?”

-The potential is that this information could be used to create applications for commercial real estate and foster innovation and product development. The potential for apps just boggles the mind.

Why Not Now?

-After all, most industries operate on jargon, in the automobile industry, for example, social media monitors running solely on keyword searches, rather than industry specific algorithms. What does commercial real estate run on? Answer: Hell if I know!

-The only way to truly understand a conversation about commercial real estate is to understand the environment and the relationship between the customer and the commercial real estate business.Every post in social media is a clue to something,it’s a clue about the relationship between that person and commercial real estate.

Maybe we are already there?

The wine industry sure is: http://cruvee.com/

The hotel industry already has two:http://www.revinate.com/ http://www.reviewpro.com/

I want one!

Thoughts, suggestions, links and blatant pitches are welcome.


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