A Black Swan Moment For Commercial Real Estate?

A Black Swan Moment For Commercial Real Estate?

A Little Reference.

I wrote something a while back that asked  “where will you be when we have the black swan moment in commercial real estate?”

To quickly sum it up I defined that as singular moment when the data created by a commercial real estate location becomes more valuable than the location itself.

How realistic does that sound?

Are we near that point now or is it just an unrealistic dream.

Microsoft seems to think that they may be well on their way to creating a smart building that will do just that.

But what if it does not occur?

Better yet what if it has already happened and we did not see it?

Part of the definition of a black swan moment is that it has to be observed.

Maybe we are observing small black swan moments in commercial real estate right now and don’t even realize it.

And by that I mean……

It is not just the data becoming a valuable commodity alone.

It is defining the location not just by data but also by its use.

It is the location as an anchor within the community.

It is the location enhancing the community.

It is the location helping define the quality of that community.

Sharing is caring?

Commercial real estate is defining communities…….by sharing.

Commercial real estate by definition is location + data.

Data + location + sharing = commercial real estate black swam moments.

Every day every minute every second.

Black swan moments for commercial real estate are happening right now.

Right in front of your eyes!





Duke Long