9 Pieces of the Commercial Real Estate Analytics Puzzle

Analytics,data and commercial real estate.Is there one without the other? For most, the answer is a definitive NO. I have been in this business for a kajillion years and have never seen or heard of a deal that did not involve the numbers. No matter what your level of commercial real estate expertise you have got to do the number crunching. Below I have featured a few sites(with some observations) that provide various pieces of the analytics and data puzzle.

1. Core Logic: Valuation, Geo-Spatial Location services, Title, Tax, PM software, Resident screening, Property preservation, Evaluation, Trends and many more.  They maintain the most comprehensive business database in the U.S.,with continuously updated data from more than 3.5 billion that’s billion with a B public documents, over 500 million transactions and 70 million mortgage applications—just to name a few.  This site is to say the least thorough. Try not to get stuck searching. High quality. Hardcore. Just look at the products they offer for commercial real estate.

2. Reis Reports: National, Regional, Market & Submarket trends of supply,demand,rent and vacancy rates. Building-level statistics for statistically similar peers (comps). Historical trends distinguished by property class (A vs B/C). New Construction listings of recently completed, under construction, planned and proposed properties. I receive a e-mail newsletter every day for my general market.Updated data on commercial property and transactions, and a must have.

3. REFM: Real Estate Financial Modeling. This one is a little different. Do really feel that comfortable with your analytical skills? Get Certified. The founder Bruce Kirsch will do just that. This is certainly the best commercial real estate analytics classes that I have ever seen. They even have competitions to see who does the best with prize money  Want or really need to learn analytics? This is how do commercial real estate analysis right.

4. Visual Lease: Thinking retail investment? Thinking leases and management of?  How about the dreaded  FASB? Don’t know what that is? Visual Lease has the software and analytics to do it all.

5. Real Data: This one should be on everyone’s list. Software for Investment,  Development, Subdivision,  1031 Exchanges,  Lease,Condo, Mixed-use and more. Analysis of them all. Just go to the site!

6. Realtyanaylitcs: Here is the bread and butter Excel based income property numbers crunching software that we all want and need. Created by investors for investors. It pretty much speaks for itself. CLICK!

7. RESHEETS:  Kind of the new kids on the block. Bright eyed and bushy tailed. Social media savvy with their base planted firmly in the we have been in the business and done this kind of attitude. I have interviewed the owner and he and his people know their stuff. Another CLICK!

8. Real Capital Analytics: THE major leagues. All the big boys and girls use at least some versions of this product.Global tends,transactions and tools. I have used many of their products throughout the years.They stand on their own.

9. ARGUS: May be known by most in the commercial real estate industry as “THE Standard” for analytics. Used as the software of choice for over 75 universities  all over the world. If you are doing anykind of commercial real estate business…you need to know ARGUS. All of your collegues and competitors do. CLICK!

These are just a few of the great wealth of online commercial real estate analytics software sites and tools. PLEASE get a demo of any and all of the products available. Most all the sites offer one on one instruction and training usually for free. Do you have any other suggestions or products that are a must for the commercial real estate toolbox? Post them up.

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Duke Long

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