8 Simple Tips to Help Your Online Commercial Real Estate Business.

8 Simple Tips to Help Your Online Commercial Real Estate Business.

Online commercial real estate marketing. Social media,online interaction,email campaigns,listing blasts.Why does it not work? Where are the big commission checks? Where are the thousands of hits and site views? What am I doing wrong? What am I doing right? Why spend all of my precious time? Great questions. Here are some possible answers.

1.Google or anybody else for that matter does not know who you are.

It’s called SEO. What is your SEO strategy? Yes it can cost some money.Yes, it is hard to find a competent and reliable SEO specialists. If you are spending time money and effort online why not maximize. Go where your customers or clients are. What forums,discussions,sites or platforms are they on? Go find them then participate and engage. Help build you own SEO.

2.Your online marketing is all about you.

So you are the most respected experienced skilled and savvy broker in your market You have all of those initials next to your name along with your Eagle Scout badges in your LinkedIN profile. Guess What? Who Cares! Your clients or potential clients sure don’t. Guess what they really care about? Themselves and their wants needs and commercial real estate problems. FOCUS on that!

3.You are active online in the commercial real estate space on Twitter, but you spend all of your time talking with other brokers.

Sure they may send you a referral. It has happened to me. But, get out of your little commercial real estate box and interact with potential customers in your market. Sounds simple and it is so reread it one more time and get going!

4.You are lurking on LinkedIn.

So you are on LinkedIN and getting connections and joining groups but you are not seeing any business from it. Question. Are you actually engaging and connecting with people who are likely going to do business with you? Think about the simple A-B-C Client list. Spending time with the C list? Time to focus on the A list!  Get engaged with potential clients and participate in their groups. Maybe even create a local group yourself. You might be amazed.

5.Your website Sucks!

Let’s face it,many websites are templates and have visual value of a rock. Most are just a contact list a history of the company and a listing roll. Gee might I suggest a blog? Personality,market niche specific,cost effective, differentiation,opinions,targeting,don’t just tell your clients you are different, special,and the bomb show them.

6.What CRM or follow up system do you use?

The online world for commercial real estate is in the very least a extended cycle. The potential leads or clients will take some time to nurture. Is it a email campaign a weekly stats report or possibly a market newsletter? How will you keep in touch. What will make them think of you first when they are ready to make a deal and need your service?

7.Tracking. What is your definition of online success?

Well, what is it? Your definition of online success is 10-20-40-60 % of all leads and deals come from online activity? Who sets the goals ? Who will be held accountable? Time effort and money are being spent. This is not just a fun exercise for the interns!

8.Are you actually calling,emailing,following up and setting appointments?

This is called the real work. Remember back in the day? The prospecting books and phone call prospecting lists?  Too young to remember? It’s still how business gets done. They are still human beings. Call them, ask questions, set appointments and get deals done.

Simple Points.

8 simple ideas to help you online with your commercial real estate business. Guess what? I need to reread all 8 and get cracking myself. Any thoughts or other suggestions are always appreciated.


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Duke Long