8 Simple Tips to Help You and Your Commercial Real Estate Clients Online

So you think you are pretty tech savvy and keep pretty current on the latest apps,platforms and stats. How are you relating that tech savvy to your actual clients or customers?  What are the basics and what should you be doing? I have a few suggestions.

1. Authentication– As in data. Lots and lots of data.  There are so many sources and different types available today. Rent rates ,absorption,shadow inventory, analytics and on and on and on. What are you doing to authenticate that data?. Is It just from your corporate brand source? Are you paying for it and therefore place more value to it.  Are you a true market source?  Why should your customers look to you ? They can find a lot of that data on their own.

2. Watchdog- for the client and of the market. True and accurate. Period!

3. Witness- stand out as a….? Can I get a witness? Be a witness for commercial real estate.

4. Forum Leader- lead the conversations about the commercial real estate business. Is that not what all this online stuff/social media/LinkedIn/ Quora/Foursquare/Amplify….etc is suppose to be. Starting The Conversation!

5. Making Sense- What is the real market right now! Every day and I mean every day there are contrary reports,articles,posts about the state of commercial real estate.Think back 5 years can you justify a deal that was done with that same client today? What makes sense TODAY?

6. Smart Aggregation- What information are you “broadcasting” to your clients? Yes, this is the age of YOU the commercial real estate digital broadcasting brand/channel. You can chose whatever commercial real estate “content” will be published. The client/customer is NOT stupid or naive about your brand/channel or content. Be Smart!

7. Empowerment- Give the client all the tools and expertise they need to make an informed decision. What is in your tool box? Better yet what is in your clients toolbox? Give them anything and everything…or they will find it on their own and or someone else will.

8. Role Model- What are you really teaching the next commercial real estate…..? Think of the disruption in so many industries not only commercial real estate. Who is leading and teaching in the reality we face today.

Photo Credit:http://www.flickr.com/photos/mountainbread/

Duke Long