7 Deadly Sins of Online Commercial Real Estate. You Know You Are Guilty.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Online Commercial Real Estate.You know you are guilty.

1.Lust:  An emotional force that is directly associated with the thinking or fantasizing about one’s desire.
That online listing.You know the one your competitor has posted that you have bookmarked and look at everyday.
-After the interns…online…you know what I’m talking about.
-After the IPO or mergers…you know the ones. Damn I should have bought that stock.
2.Gluttony: Over indulgence to the point of waste.
Time spent on Twitter,Facebook,LinkedIn,Netflix,YouTube and your blog stats.
-Writing a blatant PR/BS post about your company/product/property with links…and blast it out 8 times a day for 3 days straight.
-Tweeting,posting EVERY TIME you or your kids eat drink or take a piss. 18,000 tweets? Shut the eff up and listen.
-Following,friending or connecting just to PITCH.
-Thinking that cussing makes you “edgey”
3.Greed: Possess more than one needs or deserves.
Followers on any of the above mentioned networks.
-Thinking that putting”these opinions are my own” in your profile exempts your company that shitstorm you create…while getting a check from them.
4.Sloth: Emotionally inactive and wasting due to lack of use, concerning a skill, or intangible ideal.
-Foursquare,Quora,Listing email blasts.
-Not getting off your fat ass and actually meeting people you connect with online for real business.$$$$
-Sitting behind the computer ALL DAY and then dismissing online commercial real estate like it’s beneath someone with your “experience”(while starving your fat ass off!)
-Automation of ANY kind. Lazy!
5.Wrath: Strong vengeful anger or indignation.
At someone actually voiceing an opinion…that does completely agree with yours.
-At me for not kissing your ass and posting your shitty blog post/product/name.
-At me for what number you were on a list that is just made up to help you in the first place.
-At me for leaving you or someone off a list.(you are effin kidding me …right?) Note to self: Check legality of posting personal emails.
6.EnvyA feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another’s advantages or success.
-Someone else’s followers,friends,blog stats,or perceived”influence.”
-@joshuabliss. His attitude. Damn, I use to have that piss and vinegar and was good at it! Miss those days! If they had Twitter back then.I would be in JAIL!
7.Pride:  An inward directed (feeling) emotion that exemplifies an inflated sense of one’s personal status.
Calling attention to posting,or putting in your profile….Guru,Ninja,Marketing Conversationalist,Cowboy,Expert,Early Adopter,add your own_____ here.
-Using phrases like”increase online ROI” or “brand leverage” in the same sentence with commercial real estate.
-Trash talk about the number of conferences you attend and or “speak” at.
-Posting all your awards and letters of accomplishments.It’s not 1985 and your potential client does not give a shit. They only care about themselves.
-Aggregating any and all commercial real estate news/views/stats/opinions/deals as if you are the only one with a computer and if you don’t you then ponder is it really worth reading.
In case you are wondering or have already figured it out. I am most likely guilty of all of the above many times over.Probably not some of my more brilliant or inspiring moments but don’t we all at one time or the other need to hit the wall and bounce back and take a good look at our business and or ourselves online. Thoughts?
Photo Credit:http://www.flickr.com/photos/elycefeliz/ via Flickr

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