7 Bold #CRE #Tech Predictions For The Next 3 Years. Pay Attention, Am I Ever Wrong?

1. Over half of the 50 companies at CRETech Intersect will not exist in 3 years.

-What are the odds? Pretty good that it will be even more than that. Why? Money or lack thereof. Product fit or lack thereof. Talent or lack thereof and last but not least Fundamentals. Business Fundamentals not Unicorn Fundamentals. They will all want shortcuts. THERE ARE NOT ANY.

2. There will and has to be a major M&A or roll up for any of the other companies that don’t fail to survive.

-How many lease analytical tools can there be? How many ways can you put numbers in a fancy graphic and make someone pay for it when there are ten other “solutions” pretty much doing the same thing? Platforms will emerge. Major industry supported platforms that provide intel data and tools. I am talking about earth-shattering platforms, not updated legacy and flashy “packaged” Excell spreadsheets. Real tools and intel that allow decisions. Decisions that should have and have never been made before.

3. The companies that understand what the “built environment ” is and exploit that will be able to sustain because…

-Because that’s where most of the money can and will be made. It’s 65-70% of all commercial real estate.

4. At least 5 of the major building owners /REIT’s will form a technical alliance.

-They will incubate and invest to help these lean problem-solving companies help them. What does the banking and financial industry know that we don’t?  I’m betting not much. We got this!

5.#CRE #Tech will no longer be seen as an outlier to not only the technology industry but also the commercial real estate sector.

-It will become an integral part of the #FinTech or financial services industry. Our business is transactional. Our market needs transparency and confidence. It needs those things on a worldwide scale. Think of where #FinTech is already? Let’s be friends!

6. Property management and services will lead the way for all commercial real estate tech followed closely by the Capital Markets and then Corp Real Estate.

-Did I mention “built environment?” I’m pretty sure I did. The possibilities are almost endless. Whiteboard LEED and Sustainability. What needs to be done just there? Add in The Capital Markets. There are books and books and whitepapers written every day on this. And then add little ole corporate real estate. The term “TRILLION…..Staring In The Face” has been used.

7. BlockChain Protocol.

-No comment needed.

7 Bold #CRE #Tech Predictions For The Next 3 Years. Pay Attention, Am I Ever Wrong?


+1 Brown liquor will finally be recognized for what it is. A drink for adults. I still have never figured out what IPA means. I’m told it has something to do with beer.




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