5 Years Of Commercial Real Estate and Twitter. Random Thoughts.

5 Years Of Commercial Real Estate and Twitter. Random Thoughts.

Checking my email a day or two ago and poof up pops an email from Twitter saying that this is my five year anniversary on Twitter. My first thought is where is my wooden cigar box and silver cuff links?

I could go into a deep dive about the community building free interactive digital platform connecting the commercial real estate world. But that would be boring as hell so I let my brain flow.

Some people have been on Twitter for a year and have 15,000 tweets and they say they really use it to just talk to friends.

I think I can take credit for creating the #CRE Hashtag. Maybe there is a way to check?

I filter and I mean I take a little time each day to purposely delete any followers who are not of any interest at all.

How many followers could I have 5,000 10,000 20,000 but what would be the point? I have met face to face with so many people directly from Twitter use.

On tweet deck from day 1 and use the mobile version daily. Interesting that on my laptop I use the Chrome version more.

Twitter is still FREE. Amazing.

The Top 100 CRE on Twitter list. The first one was 25 only because that was about how many people in cre were on twitter.

Then it went to 50 just because I could and finally 100. I think I will keep it at 100 and really filter hard. If you make the list. You kick cre ass.

#CREJavaClub is nice but I am not a “member” however #CREWhiskeyClub is for the big boys. Jump right on in!

My avatar. It was the same forever then I changed it three times in a couple of weeks. Amazing that I got DM’s and emails from people requesting I bring back the glasses. BTW staying with the one that is up now…forever!

Trying to think of a time that I pimped mine or anyone’s stuff for pay. NEVER!

LinkedIn referred the most hits to my blog posts and now Twitter is number one hands down.

I use the who.unfollowed.me website everyday.

I average 2 tweets a day.Yes just 2. I have a fu*king life people.

Reference last comment  I also listen and pay more attention to everyone else.

Twitter is sharing and playing it forward.

I use DM’s to reply a lot. I still think most conversations are private conversations.  If not then it is BROADCASTING.

Recently someone at a major conference dropped a tweet  “joke” about cre a fat guy and a penis with the conference hashtag attached. What a DICK!

I have never let anyone tell me how to use twitter. It’s my way of using twitter not your way. See my avatar with the glasses? See the unfollow button next to it? Click it and fuck off!

CRE has a Twitter community. I am a part of that community. I am also not a part of that community when I don’t want to be.

Twitter is a time suck. 500 million users just pissing away time and of course FaceBook is all enterprise and down to business.

Beautiful cities great people free booze free dinners all because of Twitter. Oh forgot to mention $$$$.

Twitter get’s credit for taking down dictators? I would say YES! Name the last free time suck worthless thing that can say that.

My bio was the same forever. One day I changed it.

I have been asked several times to do a twitter for cre webinar type thing. My response “you mean you want me to tell them to type in something and click send right”?

Love the Twitter WordPress Pluging for my blog.

Twitter analytics like TweetStats or Klout. How can I express how much I really don’t care?

I may have created the #CRE hastag and guess what? I never follow it. Spamming assholes have ruined it.

#FF Follow Friday. Sometimes but not really at all.

If you are on my list of people I follow you are the shit but beware. I feel a big filter coming on. If you make the cut then you really are the shit.

Could I turn it off tomorrow? How about you?

Pictures. Yes sometimes I drop them in tweets. If you do a lot of pics all the time every where I will unfollow you. Want to know why? Your life is not that interesting…really. Megan Fox could post naked pics of herself and at some point it’s like “yea ok whatever”!

Do not Dm me and ask me to participate in your twitter experiment. Insert your own witty response with F-bombs.

My twitter rants are the greatest therapy ever.

Well I could go on and on and of course usually do.

5 Years of Commercial Real Estate and Twitter.

Your Thoughts?




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