5 Commercial Real Estate LinkedIn Groups You Must Follow.

5 Commercial Real Estate LinkedIn Groups You Must Follow.


I am on LinkedIn everyday. I am an admin for several groups so that goes without saying.

But I also take the time to connect with comment on read and interact with several groups.

Here are 5 that I think are worth your time.

1. Technology for Commercial Real Estate.

Michael Griffin started this group back about 2009 and it has built a very tech savvy following.

It has almost 3500 members and is my first go to each day. Michael and I think that I was one of if not the first to join. Which off course means nothing but “Hey”   that’s just me being me.

2. Social Media Commercial Real Estate.

Well wouldn’t you know I started this group back in 2009 also. It has taken a bit of time to build because when I started there were like 10 commercial real estate people online. That may not be an exaggeration. We are up to 1800 + members at this point and I seriously filter the people who I let in. I try very hard to keep the content  focused on social media and how it relates to commercial real estate.

3. Corporate Real Estate Let’s start with over 80,000 members. This group was started way back in 2007 and has over 13  sub groups. They have even created their own dedicated website  www.commercialrealestategroup.com

Now if you want to get just about any answer to any kind of commercial real estate question. THIS IS THE PLACE. Believe me someone will not only give you and answer they will probably give you an opinion about it. I posted  something I wrote titled I Own A Building. You Are A Broker. I Don’t Need You Any More. Wow ,did I get a reaction. Which is wonderful because it started a great conversation that I hope people found value in.

4.ULI -The Urban Land Institute.

Started in 2008 with over 35,000 members. Managed with attention and great skill Robert Krueger.

Great content great discussions and a great commercial real estate association. This is a daily must follow.

5. International Council of Shopping Centers-ICSC

Started in 2008 with over 33,ooo members. Managed by my boy Jeff Vinzani who is a lawyer…and I still talk to him:)

Yes I know it is a retail focused group but Jeff has done a great job keeping it fresh and it is worth the follow.

What is your top 5?

Well HEY that is my 5 must go to groups on LinkedIn.

Please post up your favorite so that everyone can go take a look and join.

Opinion points of view and comments are always appreciated.


Duke Long