5 Categories of Commercial Real Estate Mobile Apps

5 Categories of commercial real Estate Mobile Apps

As I travel about the country and meet with several people the conversation usually falls to some form of commercial real estate technology such as data the cloud mobile etc.Without fail I am asked about mobile apps. I posted Top 12 Mobile Apps for Commercial Real Estate in April of last year and it is still one of the most read posts on my blog.

It’s been a year and a lot has happened. I thought an update would be in order. Enter Dominic Zabriskie and www.cre-apps.com

Dominic has created a website just for review and aggregation of mobile applications for use in commercial real estate. God Bless you Dominic!

I encourage everyone to book mark the site and follow the updates on Twitter @CREAppReview

Since he and the contributors are doing such a fantastic job I hit Dominic up for a little knowledge and what follows is his response.

The Word!

I’ve found that there are probably under 25 pure-play commercial real estate apps, but there are dozens of general apps which, when used properly, have significant benefit to CRE industry participants.

In my mind, there are 5 areas where apps add immediate value to CRE day-in-and-day-out. These five areas are:

  1. Document Management – this could simply mean using DropBox instead of emailing the same PDF over and over. It could also be e-signing of various agreements, so the CRE industry can finally kick its unhealthy fax machine addiction. It could mean a full-on project management application which allows uses to collaborate on documents, like Box.com. Posts on Document Management:
  2. Mapping – this could be everything from Google Mapping utilities to Trade Area Analysis (demographics, competitor locations, etc), to 3-D marketing materials or Augmented Reality apps.
  3. Productivity Apps – These would include
  4. Visual/Photography – specifically 360 Virtual Tours – The residential industry has been using 360 virtual tours for years, but Andriod and iOS mobile devices have not made something that cost a lot, virtually free. There is no reason every vacant space shouldn’t have a 360 virtual tour. Greg Hoffmeister is ahead of the crowd when it comes to this: http://occipital.com/user/06ad-155507/greg-hoffmeister. Reviews of 360 pano apps are:
  5. “New Markets” – The last category is really what I would consider undefined “Blue Ocean” solutions. This is probably rarest, but still the most exciting category for many tech-junkies like myself.

I think the “best” apps really depends on a person’s specific role and/or situation, but these 5 categories are where I see the most opportunity for some major advancement for the CRE industry.

There it is.

Thank you Dominic and all who took the time and effort. I am looking forward to the comments links and responses.

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Duke Long


  • It`s nice sharing as we all know much about real estate business but use of mobile apps in this business is a new thing for me. I have read many posts about internet technologies that help us to promote our real estate business but providing such an information in concise way is new for me. We mostly do all these things but did n`t focus before on it that what we are going to do whether it is very important and as there is a big change in Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai property portals, it can be a useful information for us to invest over there through mobile apps.

  • Dear long island,
    Mobile applications does only mean that you can search properties or real estate websites on it because you can get all this information by other resources as well. If you read the post then you will come to know that these applications are useful for registration , buying and selling of a property that is a new thing and you can also visit the actual property by installing these apps. It is new in mobile that I have also discussed in my previous comment but perhaps it was not clear in that post and now it will be good understanding for you.

  • Once again you have identified a useful resource! Thanks for posting this – I’ve been to the web site and found a couple of apps that I will be able to integrate into my practice.


  • My company, Mercantile Capital Corporation, just came out with a NEW complimentary app for iPhone and iPad called the SmartChoice® Loan Calculator. This app can easily estimate costs and payments for most commercial real estate transactions and automatically updates with current interest rates so that the results are accurate. It is a VERY useful tool for small business owners and their advisors and is now available at the iTunes App Store. Watch the video to learn more about what this app does and why you should use it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=VQK2S3o5gkw

    Be sure to download the app and let me know what you think!