42Floors.com. The NEXT Commercial Real Estate Search

42Floors.com The Next Commercial Real Estate Search.


42Floors.com is the next evolution of commercial real estate search. Why? To quote Jason Freedmen founder of 42Floors “searching for commercial real estate online sucks” I of course agree.

A Little History.

A few months back a got an email or DM or something from Jason wanting to connect. I think he mentioned reading my blog and wanted to talk commercial real estate online and specifically search. Now in all honesty I get at least one call or email or something a week from somebody wanting to take over the world online. Me, being that friendly play it forward kind of person I am always open to a conversation. Well within two minutes I shut up(which is rare) and started to listen. I started to have one of those” Holy Shit” moments.Fast forward. Jason mentioned that he and a person from his team were flying east to New York and would like to make a stop grab a bite and meet up with me in Chicago. I said sure and suggested the Rockit Bar. Conversation and friendly chat ensued and then they showed me the beta. WOW! I was hooked. Simple clean elegant user friendly.

The Launch.

42Floors.com came out of beta on March 19 2012 the exact day that Jason said they would. No rescheduling no pushing back for tweaks. LAUNCH and GO!

I am not sure how many people reading this are into start ups and lean mean tech companies but if you want to see how to launch a company. Use the 42Floors model. This is exactly how to do it!

The press coverage itself was impressive. TechCrunch VentureBeat Washington Post just to name a few.

The Team and The Cred!

Along with Jason the team consists of James Bracy,Jon Bracy,Ben Ehmke,David Woodworth.

Investors and Advisers are Y Combinator, SV Angel,Start Fund among others. Yes, that is me listed as one of the advisers.

Why This and Why Now?

Simple it is 2012 and the online search for commercial real estate is still pathetic. Now you may ask how does this compare to RealUp,ROFO,Exceligent,Catalyst and all the others. What is it’s niche ? What are they doing to differentiate? Answer: Don’t compare,don’t use a box chart, quit analyzing and just watch the user experience and see what it creates!

More To The Story.

Is there more to come from 42Floors? Absolutely!

Are they out of the box hitting all the right keys? Hell yes!

Will they evolve and adapt to the users and the market? Of course

Do they have a detailed plan to monetize? Oh yea!

Does it involve hammering brokers for $$$$?? I would say….not!

Are there things I am not telling you? Maybe!

Watch Use and Learn.

Every company starts some where ….this is like day 3 for 42Floors.com

3 months 1 year 3 years……..long way to go…..I’m IN!

Your Thoughts?




Duke Long

  • Patrick

    Can’t argue with how they’ve launched, and the pub that are receiving! Can’t wait to meet the guys from 42 Floors and ROFO in Chicago. Great conversation has to come from those two groups. Throw in the official launch of Ten Eight just before the Chicago trip and we’ll have a lot to talk about…

  • Thanks for sharing this fascinating post! I really had a great time reading it.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Duke, I checked their site out the other day and it does have a terrific User Interface and user experience. I hope they roll out other cities soon, as the Bay Area does us non-Bay Area folks no good. They are definitely on the right track, though. I wish them success.

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  • vivek sinha

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