42Floors.com Lean Mean and Growing.

42Floors Lean Mean and Growing.

Sitting here in the office of 42Floors in San Francisco I cannot help but feel a sense of excitement and wonder.

How have they manged to do it?

Will they really change commercial real estate forever?

Are these some of the smartest people I have ever met?

How have they come so far so fast?

Do they really understand the tasks ahead?

I have some pretty clear thoughts about those very questions.

The amazing thing is that after two days here I know without a doubt 42Floors just may have all the answers.

Remember this company started with an idea thirteen months ago.

Today they announced another funding round of 12.3 million.

They are expanding nationally and internationally.

They are hiring and busting at the seams.

Their plans and processes are astounding.

You may be skeptical and say hey Duke”you are just drinking the kool-aid.”

You know me better than that.

If I see bullshit I call it.

This is no bullshit.

Think about your local CIE.

Think about your “data provider.”

Think about how your clients “experience” commercial real estate.

Think about the way we will experience commercial real estate.

42Floors Lean Mean and Growing.


Thoughts opinions and points of view are always appreciated.






Duke Long