33 Things We Need and Don’t Need In Commercial Real Estate

Do you have the feeling like I do that commercial real estate is getting to the point that there is too much stuff that we don’t need and not enough of what we do need? Here are some suggestions that may help:

We Need Less. We Need More.
Emails Conversations
Information Wisdom
Experts Learners
Selling Authenticity
Data Walls Data Access
Data Restriction The Cloud
Historical Data Real Time Data
Data Confusion Data Standard
Social Media Digital Media
Quarterly Reports Daily Market Updates
General Markets Localism
I-Pad 1 I-Pad 2
Outlook Salesforce CRM
CMBS CMBS (Yea I Know!)
Drip Mail Touch Belly to Belly
Blast Mail Shoe Leather
The Office The Street
AARP Generation Z
Cubicles Virtual Desktops
BS Hype Reality
Malls Netflix (Think about it!)
Borders Kindle
Kindle Any Device
Pay Wall Sister in laws account code
PDF Flyers Mobile Apps
1- Dimension 3- Dimension
Facebook LinkedIN
Broker Bashing Respect
Corp PR/SM True Voice
Websites WordPress
Online Fear Online Interaction
Marketing Content
Blog Lists Deal Making

Just a few thoughts. What are yours?

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Duke Long

  • Duke, as always you have come up with a great list!

  • Duke Marquiss

    With a name like Duke, how can you be wrong. I agree with all of Don’ts and Need’s. Great list. I have had to reinvent myself and go back to getting business the old fashioned way. Work for it – belly to belly and pick up the phone!!

  • Bob Canter

    I agree with most not all of the items on the list.
    You left off Integrity…that is paramount.

  • Bob Canter

    The reason for so much bad science is not that talent is rare, not at all; what is rare is character.”
    –Sigmund Freud,

  • Eileen Burns

    Hello Duke – how refreshing to see what is old is new again! Thanks for all your positive contributions to our community! I would add Mentors to the list as Leaders always give back and groom the next generation.