3 Essential Online Commercial Real Estate Tools.

3 Essential Online Commercial Real Estate Tools.

Recently I had the good fortune to be in “the city beautiful” Chicago for a meeting or two and a cup of (not in the #crejavaclub) hot chocolate.

It may have been 50 something degrees that day but standing on the bridge to take the pic above my ass was still freezing. Spring in Chicago “like nothing else.”

After my lunch meeting and before I had to get back for a friends pre-wedding surprise chicken wing get together thing I received an email from a local Chicago “business” person to (secretly) meet up. Now gender job title and all the other stuff is not important. What was fascinating to me was the conversation.

” Thanks for meeting up with me on short notice.”

” No problem I have plenty of time depending on traffic.”

” Do you get to Chicago often?”

” Not enough. I love this place. It’s the scale the people the food the lake.”

” Yes, when you step back and get away from the daily grind it is an amazing place. Look I don’t want to take up too much of your time but if you don’t mind I have a few questions.”

” Sure, fire away. I will try to answer all I can and the one’s I don’t want to I will just smile.”

” Great, that’s one of the reasons I reached out to you. The attitude and honesty.”

” Well, it’s always been there might as well use it.”

” That’s one of the things I kind of wanted to ask you. How do you get away with some of the things you say?”

” I’m not sure I get away with anything. I have points of view and a computer and I use it.”

” We all have a computer. You seem to be able to use it a little more effectively.”

” I’m not sure what that means. You said you have questions?”

” I wondered if you have any quick tips that would help me gain more influence and connections.”

” I have written a bunch of different things over the years and most of it is on my site. Are you asking for something specific?”

” I’m not sure. I get the online thing. I get the need to interact and connect. This stuff is not that difficult. If you do a few Google searches you can get lists with list of things you can do every day or every minute.”

” Yea, I agree it’s not that difficult. So, having said that do you think I have some magical wand that I wave that you don’t have?”

” No not at all. Maybe it’s hard for me to relate to some of the stuff that I read. You seem more real.”

” Just because I drop the occasional F-bomb?”

Chuckling ” Yes, sometimes but there is an authentic tone to what you write. ”

” How can it be any other way?”

” I’m not sure but something you wrote once about sitting in your car in front of a building freezing your ass off and you talked about the lights and the electricity walking thru a building and some other stuff. That was real.”

” It is real. It is what I was doing at the time. What’s stopping you from doing the same thing?”

” Nothing I guess.”

” Are these the questions? I have a few questions for you, maybe they will help. You basically want to do what all of us want to do and that is use tools whatever tools that there may be to help you sell. Correct?”

” Sure yes.”

” So the hard question that everyone wants answered is how can I use these tools to show that what I have to offer has a “value” of some kind right?”

” Yea I guess so. Do you mean the value of my service or my ability to provide my service?”

” Yes, exactly, but is that not what you do everyday all the time. Are you not doing that now right here with me?”

” Yes, I think so. What do you mean?”

” You are being yourself. Your professional human self. What makes what you would do online any different?”

” Nothing I guess, but to me it also seems somewhat like broadcasting self promotion chest beating and posing.”

” Fair point. Unfortunately there is a bunch of that maybe it’s the culture of media that we are used to. Do me a big favor and don’t be one of those.”

” Don’t worry that will never happen. I have a hard time looking at my own picture.”

” You and I are in agreement on that, it’s tough for me too. How about you and I agree on a less is more point of view?”

” Works for me.”

” I’ve had people tell me I need to be “bigger” and more “known ” in commercial real estate.”

” What would be the point?”

” Hell if I know. Let me ask you something else. Do you tell the truth?”

” What do you mean of course I do.”

” Really, you are a full disclosure all transparent get it all out there kind of person?”

” I’m not sure what you mean. I think I value my privacy like anyone does.”

” How did we get from the truth to your privacy. Are you suggesting that you hide things about yourself.”

” No, that’s not what I meant.”

” Hold on don’t think I am suggesting you are not being truthful. What I asked is do you tell the truth?”

” Of course I am honest and professional. I tell the truth.”

” Ok ok I was just asking. We are having a truthful and honest conversation right now are we not?”

” Yes of course.”

” You felt comfortable enough to reach out to me although we had never met before and I agreed to meet with you. Why do you think I said yes?”

” I guess you checked me out online and felt comfortable enough to take some time out of your day for a conversation.”

” Exactly. The fact that people like your self ask to meet and converse is quite humbling and I try to appreciate every conversation. How else am I going to learn and push commercial real estate forward?”

” I think I am starting to get the point of your questions. Why would I approach a potential client any differently than I did approaching you.”

” Exactly. Who knows I may have a potential client for you. Would your next client not ask the same questions or a least try to answer them before they agreed to meet with you to see if  there was potential to work together?”

” I would hope so. That’s what I want them to do.”

” So you want them to see that you can help them with a valuable service that you can provide. You want them to see that you are a real professional human being and that you simply will tell them the truth. Right?”

” Well, yes.”

” Ok ,I’m not going to or can anybody else stop you from doing that maybe other than yourself. I’m pretty sure that I am not any smarter than you are but maybe I am just a little bit more “seasoned” at it than you at this time.”

” Point taken.”

” Look I need to get to a workplace environment mixer thing and then head back. I hope I helped you in some way. I hope you got some value for your time and the conversation.”

” Thanks so much for meeting with me this was a great help. I love reading your stuff, keep it up. We need more people saying what needs to be said and sometimes with F-bombs.”

” I appreciate the time you take to read anything I put out there.”

We shake hands and I pick up the check. I look at my phone and type in the next place I need to meet in my Google maps and push navigate.

The voice on the phone tells me to exit at 53a and stay right. I look for a parking spot near my destination. I wonder, how many people that I will meet this afternoon understand the 3 essential tools of online commercial real estate.


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Duke Long


    • ” So you want them to see that you can help them with a valuable service that you can provide. You want them to see that you are a real professional human being and that you simply will tell them the truth. Right?”

  • This is incredibly timely advice, I have a very difficult client and I am struggling to manage them, I cannot pressure them for their own good because I am worried about getting a complaint against me, so again your perspective is timely and appreciated, thank you.

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