27 Can’t Miss Video Content Ideas for Commercial Real Estate

You have your little phone or camera ready, you have heard all the great things that vlogging will do for your business.  Ok, you are in.  Now ,what type of commercial real estate stuff should you put out there?  It  just so happens I have a list…..Here ya go!

1. Taxes..how do they affect investment property and why?  What is the bottom line?

2. What happens to when your client calls your office?  How exactly is that call handled? Is it pushed to a “junior” broker.  Does your firm push it down to generate more dollars for the firm…explain what really happens!

3.  Monthly/weekly/daily stats on your market…sales, leasing, new to market. Tell the truth…when it’s bad,it’s bad. When it’s good,it’s good.

4. You went to X event and it was for what…charity/knowledge/networking. You met who and …don’t forget to promote upcoming events of interest.

5. What is an LOI?  Why are they good for business…or maybe why you don’t use them. How do you work a transaction?

6. Why are you a member of your local/state/ national…board or association…and what the heck does it mean.

7. What is your local listing/mls/cie/ thing that you use and how does it help you and your client.

8. Feature specific property…hey how about the owners/leasing agents/ pr people….they all love to see themselves on camera<<<trust me!

9. What buildings are DEAD in the market and WHY?

10. Neighborhood commercial….it’s a Neighborhood…for a reason.

11. Downtown Main Street…in a big market and don’t really have one….see number 10.

12. Signage …lordy, I could go on for days on this one alone.

13. How about those LOYAL clients that have helped put shoes on your kids….they need a little love don’t they?

14. Make market predictions.

15. Admit when your prediction was …wrong…it could happen!

16. Happy….day for whatever reason…labor/veterans/thanksgiving.

17. Taxes..how are the really assessed…try to keep this one under four minutes…I dare you.

18. Get some one to guest vlog….anybody..you would be amazed.

19. How you really market a property…is it really that secret?

20. How you sold/leased/brokered/ X property in X days…and how it happened.

21. Do testimonials for vendors or services used. Show them your $$$ are worth it.

22.  Financing…make up your own on this one…I need to think ” be nice” on this one myself.

23. What is the true image of a commercial real estate broker/owner/rep/developer/etc.

24. Green..topics for commercial real estate… possibly a whole other list itself.

25. 10 reasons why your property is not leased.

26. 10 reasons why your property has not sold.

27. Here is how to truly connect with >>>you  online ..the phone…e-mail…etc.

Well, that should get you started.  Do you have any other ideas or examples you would like to share?  Please do!

Duke Long