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2013 Top 150 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Connect With On LinkedIn.


1.Ken Ashley

2.Jim Baker

3.Walt Arnold

4.Alan Fluher

5.Ashtyn Bell

6.Andrew Bermudez

7.Patrick Braswell

8.Paul Brockmeyer

9.Sarah Malcolm

10.Rob Cain

11.Coy Davdison

12.David Dunn

13.Scott France

14.Jim Garrett

15.Thomas Hankins

16.Richard Harris

17.Scott Hensley

18.Michael Houge

19.Donna Hovey

20.Fred Kapel

21.David Kaufman

22.Emily Ford

23.Kristen Moore

24.Chere Larose

25.Robert Lee

26.Dave Lewand

27.Eric Magsamen

28.Brian McCirie

29.Lowell Peabody

30.Barbi Reuter

31.Jason Sandquist

32.Bob Schecter

33.Larry Simpson

34.Jeff Weidenborer

35.Ralph Kamps

36.Allen Buchanan

37.Avi Adler

38.Ed Zifkin

39.Shawn Abramovitz

40.Mark Zvibleman

41.George Alexander

42.Jeremy Woods

43.Vineet Anand

44.Andrew Waller

45.Greg Angevine

46.Elliot Warren

47..Bailey Webb

48.Jason Aster

49.Catherine Williams

50.Tom Baker

51.Kenny Whatley

52.Jo Kaye Bandy

53.Robert Wetzel

54.Nathaniel Barney

55.Skip Weber

56.Linda Bavone

57.Jeff Vinzani

58.Palmer Bayless

59.Ryan Velasquez

60.Alan Bernier

61.Tony Vanderbeek

62.Armani Bhatti

63.Olga Teseniar

64.Jim Teskey

65.John Thiry

66.Nate Bray

67.Michael Bull

68.Garrick Brown

69.Michael Tucker

70.Rob Tomlinson

71.Ron Coppock

72.Ross Reller

73.Bob Canter

74. Jim Resha

75.Cory Spanko

76. James Robinson Jr.

77.Josh Riley

78.Angelina Carleton

79.Rick Cassel

80.Mike Cathell

81.David Stejkowski

82.Angela Choi

83.Joshua Peck

84.Barrett Powell

85.Gerald Porter

86.Andrew Clifford

87.Jeffery Pollock

88.Robert Pliska

89.Deborah Cook

90.Omar Del Rio

91.Jay Olshonsky

92.Richard O’Brien

93.David Dunn

94.Peggy Duffy

95.Kevin O’Brien

96.Ellaina Dreifach

97.Albert Donato III

98.Bill Nicholson

99.Jack Intrator

100.Erik Magsamen

101.Tim Murray

102.Rick Moody

103.Linda Martinez

104.Sachin Sandhir

105.Tammy Sassin

105.Christine Schultz

106.Karen Scott

107.Randy Mason

108.Jessica Miller

109.Angela Sweeney

110.Jim Struble

111.Gary Seidel

112.Thad Seligman

113.Arthur Hildreth Jr.

114.Partick Leary

115.Zachary Lukasiewicz

116.David Lotterer

117.Steve Hodson

118.Susanne Stovall

119.Paul Stockwell

120.James Sleeman

121.Gary L. Smith

122.Laurel Lewis

123.Bob Lindgren

124.Paul Hentschel

125.Jason Kaiser

126. Justin Smith

127.Kelly Steitz

128.Stan Snipes

129.Michael Smithing

130.Wayne Kress

131.Leon Katz

132.Jim Kobal

133.Howard Kline

134.Matthew Kirby

135.Lou Klein

136.Traci Jenks

137.Ben Johnson

138.James R. Garrett Jr.

139.Michael Griffin

140.Beth Anne Grib

141.Stasiu Geleszinski

142.Ana Maria Ghelbere

143.Michael Hagen

144.Jeff Howell

145.Sharon Altenbach

146.Whitney Hake

147.Mike Spence

148.Thomas Hankins

149.John Scatoloni

150.David Haug

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  • REA ™

    Great list as always !

  • Kristen Moore

    Honored to make the list. I guess those LinkedIn webinars are paying off. Thank you.

  • Angela Sweeney

    Thanks Duke! It’s an honor to be in such great company….

  • Julio Camilo

    Mr. Long, thank you for such a useful list. Mine is a real state company specialized in commercial & industrial properties and large areas. We operate all over Brazil, bring foreign investors to the Brazilian market and search for opportunities abroad on behalf of Brazilian investors. I urge all of your contacts and yourself to contact me and find sinergies to work together on prime business opportunities. Best regards.
    (Not sure if I can post my contacts here, but I am giving them anyway. If against the post rules, please delete this portion of my message):,, skype: julio.cesar.camilo

  • rsky1

    Thanks for the ranking Duke. But you are still my #1 go to guy for no nonsense, no BS provocative insights and questions we need to ask ourselves in the Commercial Arena. I am just an aggregator that gives my opinion on what is going on and how it affects our local market here in Greater Madison. Keep on rocking my friend and take care of that daughter of yours. Give her as much time as possible because they grow up way too fast.

  • Ricardo Newbold

    Mr. Long, thank you for such a wonderful aid. I’ve sent out invites to approximately 60% of the list members. Hopefully, I’m successful in my efforts as my goal is to create a network capable of of benefiting both myself and my connections. My methodology of doing business is by building relationships long before you may need them. Harvey Mackay calls it “digging your well before you get thirsty.” As a result relationships can then lead to transactions. Keep up the good work!

  • Elizabeth Santos

    What’s your criteria for the list? Just curious…

    • Duke Long

      None really. Just people I have talked to followed or think are interesting.

  • Mahendra Jain

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