20 Thoughts CRE // TECH INTERSECT New York.

20 Thoughts CRE // TECH INTERSECT New York.

1.  The number one reason I attended this event was to meet people…and I met the most amazing people.

2.  Lots of talk about the “next events” where when who how what. My thoughts. Look at Inman Connect and steal everything from them!

3.  Still in love with Honest Buildings but alas no face to face with Riggs. I did get to meet Peter O’ Brien instead and he is THE MAN!

4.  Some one said to me ” show me the real innovation here.”

5.  Pierce Neiken put this all together. Yes, I know he had help and is the first to say so but……. he will forever get credit for standing up and flat-out making it happen.

5.  Why is it I only eat deserts at these things?  They have a name for that it’s called (AOD) Adult Onset Diabetes.

6.  GlobeST.com was there. That says something….I think.

7.  With all humility I say thank you for the kind and positive words from everyone that took the time to express them.

8.  I need some help. Who is the guy in the glasses next to me?

9.  Started counting the people I have pissed off in attendance. Stopped at 5. It was going to be a long night regardless.

10. Only met 2 stalker/self-absorbed/delusional/need tin foil on head/belly button watching techies. Funny thing is you have no idea who you are.

11.  Ran into some old friends who happened to bring their wives to the big city. WOW, did you guys marry up and out kick your coverage.

12.  If you came to the event dressed like this. I know you had this on underneath. I just can’t help myself. 🙂  If this offends you……grow up!

13.  The pre event reception held at Trepp was amazing. The conversations….unbelievable. Big shout out to CEO Annemarie DiCola and her people.

14.  Met my new favorite (Do I have a favorite?) #CRE/Tech/Awesome CEO. Suresh Kavan  www.dmginfo.com .He’s funny engaging visionary and understands where #CRE and tech meet. He is a car guy I am a car guy. It’s a start.

15.  I think I missed an opportunity to meet with some VC types and get their take on the #CRE Tech space. Shit!

16. Beyond impressed with the CBRE people. They attended. They had questions. They had opinions. They listened. They engaged. They represented their brand. There is a reason they are number 1.

17.  I should write a book…..

18.  You were expecting deep thoughts and earth shattering exclusives from me? You should attend. You should create your own.

19. Smart brilliant innovative world building industry crushing techno savants. Who survives? It’s not hard to see. Look in their eyes!

20.  Number one thing I take away from this event. Do the companies involved in #CRE #Tech really know their customer? I am not so sure. I should know. They should know. I think they don’t.



Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ruanon/6935006104/

Duke Long

  • Ron Houghtaling

    All great points, Duke (especially re: Pierce. Great guy and Herculean efforts to put the event together)

    It was great to be there both representing CBRE and as an individual tech lover. To see the growth of this event from June in SF is a great indicator of the new ideas coming to our industry.

    Good to finally meet in person and I look forward to working with you on that “next big idea.”

  • Duke great to finally meet you and thanks for the wing man effort

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  • REA ™

    10. Only met 2 stalker/self-absorbed/delusional/need tin foil on head/belly button watching techies. Funny thing is you have no idea who you are. I love it !!!

  • Lowell Peabody

    I had the same reaction in point #20. I was surprised but yes, it seemed some did not know. Perhaps they were preoccupied with finding money or partners.

  • Aimee Goudas

    Really great seeing you in person again, though I will still enjoy the Twitterverse/Blogosphere (typing that actually made me gag).

    Thanks for #16. I echo Ron’s comments. Would love to work with you on something. I agree on #20, I didn’t get the fix I was hoping for. And…lastly, I’d buy your book, but only if you promised it would be paper so I didn’t click on something (#12) that I can never UNsee.

    • Aimee,
      Brilliant 🙂 Many ideas. Will send the good ones your way soon.

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