17 Real Reasons Why They Call Me “The Godfather!”

17 Real Reasons Why They Call Me “The Godfather!”

17 Real Reasons Why They Call Me “The Godfather!”

Now some of you may already be thinking “what an ego” (I’m looking at you Leslie) but come on lighten up a little bit.

Don’t we all need some brevity on occasion?

How can I possibly work in the word whilst into this post?

Hmmm, I don’t see that happening. It could be a limited vocabulary or just a blatant lack of talent on my part.

I digress.

Because of no fault of mine, I was born back when people grew hair and mustaches without cause for celebration or feelings of inadequacy. Can you say Lumbersexual?

So, with that, I have been somewhat labeled the oldish dude of tech and commercial real estate.

Along back somewhere, the phrase “The Godfather” came up and at no lack of encouragement on my part the label stuck.

David Eisenberg never fails to mention “they come and kiss the ring of The Godfather” whenever he and I are out and about “networking” with other people. Slays me every time.

I look at the label as a term of endearment. Some may not. And if so. So be it.


So, how did it happen? How did I get there and why is it still relevant today and maybe even more so!

17 Real Reasons Why They Call Me “The Godfather!”

1. Who was the original? I’m not sure who may have started it all, but they only call one person  “The Godfather.”

2. I have THE Network!. You have one too, but it’s not mine!

3. I’m a road warrior, and it’s time to start going global. I’ve been asked time and time again.

4. I use reciprocation like the Hammer of Thor!

5. I push customers thru the sales funnel. Almost before it exists. How many times am I asked for a recommendation? Always!

6. I focus on #CRE and #TECH nothing else. I pay attention to other industries BUT,  #CRETech will change the world!

7. I create the trends for #CRETech. Where did you first hear of BIM again? How about VR? #AI is pure BS, right?

8. I use whatever technology necessary to spread the #CRE word. Yes, even Facebook. Did Twitter just help elect a President?

9. I’m sexy. I’ll just leave that one here.

10. It’s called ethics. I keep my mouth shut. Don’t ask. It won’t come from me. How dare you?

11. Consistency. 680+ posts on this site alone. Countless more out there that you would bet your first born I did not write.

12. I make this boring ass world of #CRE interesting. Think about it. Not as easy as you might think.

13. You can call it passion. I call it an obsession. Did I mention #CRETech will change the world?

14. I have super powers. One of them is the power of persuasion. I’m not using it enough; it’s time to change and never let up.

15. Honesty. I can’t help it.  It could be considered a fault by some. Not me.

16. No risk No reward. Four simple words. Live and breathe it!



17 Real Reasons Why They Call Me “The Godfather!”

+1 You can’t buy, build, manufacture, or PR street cred. It seeps out of my pores. Just look in my eyes.

  • Duke you are twice as humble as anyone I know. 🙂

    • Duke Long

      I am The Godfather!