15 Online Resources I Cannot Live Without and How I Use Them.

I did an interview the other day with Michael Bull on his www.commercialrealestateshow.com and had a wonderful time. Michael is a pro and covers an amazing range of topics for commercial real estate. At the end of the interview he asked what are the sites or resources that I look to when online to help my commercial real estate business.

I did an interview the other day with Michael Bull on his www.commercialrealestateshow.com and had a wonderful time. Michael is a pro and covers an amazing range of topics for commercial real estate. At the end of the interview he asked what are the sites or resources that I look to when online to help my commercial real estate business. I rattled off a few that quickly came to mind but I thought a little more and decided to create yet another list.(When will it end?) Here ya go.


Possibly THE greatest resource for just about anything online related. Explore is a new feature.Tons of practical how -to’s and the lists go on forever. I get the email feed every morning and usually find at least two or three topics of interest. Did I mention the lists?


2.Life Hacker

Part of their tag line is” websites and short cuts that help save you time.” There is good enough reason for a daily click right there. This site is nerdy and technical but not so much that the normal hack(read: myself) cannot use a ton of the great information.


3. WordPress

The platform and basis for my commercial real estate content. Period. I use probably about 20% of what they have available. Which is a shame. I certainly am trying to learn and use more. You own the content.You can build and create whatever you want. The cost is literally pennies. I will kiss the developers of wordpress on the lips in public if given the chance! In a manly sort of way(justsayin).


4. I-phone I- pad, I lounge

Anything all things and every thing for the I-phone and I-pad. Go hug an Apple!



What? Blackberry? I know it is fading away but there are still a kajillion users. Like myself. I refuse to spend $600 on touch screen phones that I have to send back three times and then get a new one that I have to send back again. I just want to talk to somebody!



Techy,  geeky,big data, real time web ,mobile, the cloud, augmented reality and on and on. Oooh, I feel the tech buzz from here!



Blog tips with more blogging tips. Great content by from and about bloggers and blogging. The comments are the true source here. Real people telling it like it really is. Challenge: Start a blog. Create content 3 times a week for a year. Then call me.! Good Luck! Ye who casts the first stone……


8. Six Pixels/Twist Image

I cannot really explain it but the content on here really resonates with me. It is more about marketing and branding than anything else but maybe it is more than that.



Research,breaking news, timely commercial real estate stories, personal interaction, appointment setting,conference following,conference agenda setting,access to anyone with commercial real estate influence instantly,fun,sarcastic,BS,links,pics,videos, etc. etc. Obliviously a complete waste of time!




Simple. Here is the hardcore commercial real estate news. Drilled down.


11. Wharton

The Zell/Laurie Real Estate Center at the  University of Pennsylvania.Research,education,scholarship,lecture series,Wharton Real Estate Review. I must keep up. The kids are coming and wow they are bringing the heat. Great to see.Reminds me of myself back in the day. OK, maybe not so much.



Without a doubt I spend the most online time on LinkedIN. Why? It where commercial real estate online IS. Name any type of commercial real estate content, interaction, discussion, connection, conversation etc. It is there! Will it be there forever? Who knows? My prediction is…4 years. Why 4 years? I think we reach critical mass at that point and other commercial networks defined specifically for certain niches. The comfort level of doing online business combined with a specific interest. LinkedIn is teaching is all.



13. Wistia

What? Video? This is, can and will be my next thing. The stats of what, how and where commercial real estate their clients and consumer will be is VIDEO. It is visual it is in demand. Wistia is a great platform and does the business of business video.Great blog with great tips.


14. The Economist

I will confess that some of the content is a little out there but a great world view on many, many issues affecting commercial real estate.A must read for me.


15. Loopnet

How do you leave them off the list. I am on their everyday. I dare you to give me a better resource for property search and data.It has to be on here right?


This is my little list. Are there some that I am missing that i just have to look at? Please post them up. Always looking to learn!

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Duke Long

  • Is blackberry still in business?

    A couple other essentials:

    1 – Google Reader – http://www.google.com/reader – brings all of the websites that you read on a daily basis directly to you. How do you think I stay up to date on DukeLong.com?? Use NewsRob to access your Reader subscriptions on Android

    2 – Google Analytics – information is like a drug and Analytics will satisfy your craving. If you run a website or blog, you NEED this. See your most popular pages, number of visits, visitors by geography and referring sites (so you know who to thank.)

    3 – The Oatmeal – http://www.theoatmeal.com – Everybody needs a laugh. Witty cartoons poking fun at online, tech and everything else.

    • Chris,
      Hey Blackberry is for us old dudes!:):)

  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for shaking things up and getting me to move at a snail’s pace to the blog world with my blackberry in hand…


  • Why Wistia – or any pay for video storage service? The size restrictions on YouTube? Can’t see why you wouldn’t want the link juice you get from YouTube.

    And I’m glad to hear someone fess up to reading the Economist. I’ve been a paper subscriber for years. I hide it under a copy of US magazine…

    • Chris,
      Wistia because of the tips. Sure YouTube ..but I need to learn first.Economist>>.It’s the peeps across the pond influencing me!

  • Hey man, I am 31 and I sent back my smart phone for my cherished and missed blackberry. It literally would take me 5 minutes to dial a number on the smart phone. Thank you for being simple blackberry. Also, shout out to the iPad. Changing the way I do business.

  • paul ogden

    Great info & sites.
    Any suggestions on what Contact Manager folks are using that also might work in the iPad world?
    ACT / RealHound / REA / or is everyone stuck on Outlook ???

    • Paul,
      Great question! Sneak into the Technology for Commercial Real Estate group on LinkedIN. Pretty tech savvy CRE peeps in that group!

  • FD Brown

    used BigContacts.com for cms…can be simple or robust…great data research options.

    • Excellent thanks for the share.

  • http://www.37signals.com

    I don’t spend a lot of time on the site itself, but they have some of the best subscription business tools around.

    I’ve used BaseCamp as a project management tool on many occasions. And HighRise is the heart of our business today – contact management, deal tracking, and so much more.

  • LindaMartinez

    Thanks for this list, Duke. I want to add the HP 10B Calculator Ap, although I know it is not an online resource per se. I love it on my smartphone.