#140 Character Conference Summary and Some Unauthorized Observations

I took a little time last week and got away from my day job to attend the #140 Conference in Detroit.  Well, WOW what an interesting event.  If you get the chance and one comes near you, please take the opportunity to attend.  Why?  It’s not really about social media or twitter or tech.  It is about people connecting,sharing,caring,acting and doing in their local community. Remember this was DETROIT.  What images or thoughts come to your mind?  Yea, me too. Not anymore!


What struck me right from the start was the diversity of industries represented at the event.  Healthcare,media ,education,photography,art,music,not-for profit and so on. All, to a person laying out a positive message about what is Detroit.  Now, don’t get me wrong this was not the Chamber of Commerce B.S. by any means.  It was cool though that the the Mayor of Detroit, Dave Bing gave a little five minute welcome and introductory message. The Mayor of a major metro area at a #140 Conf ? Hey, why not. I doubt if Mayor Bing will ever read this but Sir, I do not want your job!  The message I received was that Detroit is connecting, is working, is helping and just flat out doing it in their community. Please take the time to click this link and read and watch the content from the days event from www.mlive.com Wow, they did a great job!

Unauthorized Observations?

I’m kind of known for my “observations” and quips from some of the events that I attend……so why should this be any different…here we go!

-The hotel,The Double Tree Hilton downtown was..outstanding. Clean,friendly helpful staff,GREAT breakfast and HUGE rooms. BTW no$$$ for me for glowing endorsment.

-Driving in the city. it just looks muscular …in a good way. Someone mentioned the traffic and lack of public transport. Honey, it’s Detroit…they make cars here.

-Downtown…and I walked around quite a bit was…. quiet and vacant. I don’t just mean the buildings…there were hardly any people on the streets…Just my observation and maybe not a fair comparison but when I visited Toronto….it was busting.

-The downtown buildings…did I mention vacant…signs, signs, signs…..dirty, beat up and fading everywhere. Am I being negative??…no just calling it as I see it. Interesting that the sports arenas and ballparks were bunched together looking like a Disney attraction…next to…vacant buildings.

The Fillmore…just WOW what a palace what a place..

-Had a Spinal Tap kind of moment in the green room down stairs…for real.

-Channeling Keith Moon and wanted to throw some chairs and pass out on the stage…just for old times sake.

-They had a open professional bar right in the middle of the room ..pure genius…and of course I was asked if I wanted a bloody mary right after the Recovery Rabbi was on stage..that Tim McDonald is a bad influence on me. It’s the shirt!

-Mayor Dave Bing,he can go to his right he can go to his left and he can definitely go to the rack.

-Whoever put this event on in Detroit knows what the hell they are doing.  They did not miss a thing. Venue unbelievable,set up perfect,details thought out to a T. Snacks, coffee, juice, cookies in the lobby, pizza in the green room…I had to taste it!  Friendly and helpful staff.  Amazing.

-I did not realize  how big the place was until I got on the stage… and the pretty lights…oooooo.

-The Buick set up was a blatant pitch but in a good way…Oooo they were sparkly.

Chris Brogan ripping on the Avalanche and the Aztec….sweet… My theory is that GM went bankrupt because of these specific cars.

-Cool picture of The Who circa 1967. How many bands have sounded any better?…ever…. Top 5 band of all time?

-Total geek fest …so much that the API had slowed to a crawl.

-Jeff Pulver….words of wisdom…..”Trying to bring together connectivity…. this is the next social revolution”…..” It is about me the people ,everyone can be a person of change.”  “People are now made to connect with customers”.  “You must now be vulnerable to be successful.”

-Note…… lots of people seeking audience..what is the biggest audience in CRE??

Back Channel…. traditional media…not listening only broadcasting……we are turning it off.   Old media meeting social media…strangers come together to affect a change….. using people to bring good stories to push out the bad.

Urban renewal..??? lady lives in town of 27 people owns liquor store in town of 5,000 people. We now connect to all people. Lady totally stealing other peoples shit..gloming off of Chris Brogan. Her take away >>>>Limited resources….makes it creative and tough…. <<No Shit!.  Jump into CRE the tank,it is nice and cool!

Entrepreneurship panel was kick ass…loved it all> >>> the message>>>>Detroit has tough spirit and must get beyond the negative.

– Education>>>> the world is now a classroom. Sweet….source the whole world for knowledge and tools.

RecoveryRabbi…comedian???…keep working on it.:):) Shalom!

-Anissa Mayhew….. wheel chair stoke victim….all kinds of tools available and  no excuses….preach it girl.

Funny or Die Video….effin funny!!

-Need to give a shout out to the “Goddess Maya“….. girl you got it all and then some!

Just some observations and thoughts….loved the event had a great time and DETROIT ROCKS!!!

Duke Long