10 Years of Twitter and Commercial Real Estate. Random Thoughts.

Hard to believe is it not? Ten years. My profile says I Joined October 2007.

Ten years posting whatever commercial real estate thoughts, news, rants, and just about anything else on Twitter.

Amazing if you think about it. Ten years is a long time to do a lot of things.

Who would have thought Twitter would still be around when it started? Not you, admit it.

Did I think it I would still be using Twitter after all this time? Nope, I did not.

But here we are today.

How hard is it to get on Duke Long’s Updated: 2017 Top 100 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Follow On Twitter?

It’s a lot harder than you think. The list is now in its eighth year and I try to #Purge as many as possible to keep it fresh and updated.

Oh, the emails I get when someone is not included.

It started as a way to help people connect and it still serves the same purpose today. It’s nothing more than that.

It seems that Twitter is much more visual now. I see more and more pics. It must be the Instagram influence.

I don’t see nearly as many nasty attacks and rants as I use to. Is that a good thing? Are we all just trying to be professionals and not ruin the “brand” that we have built up?

It’s a bit late for me. If anyone was known for the rants, F-bombs and no filter it was me. I must be mellowing.

Do you miss that guy? Maybe that guy was a lot smarter about the Twitter thing than you give him credit for.

I’m referencing myself in the third person. (Wink)

From day one the only strategy if there ever was one was to build the tribe.

How Am I doing so far?

I still use Twitter mostly for business. I pride myself on filtering anyone not generally relatable to commercial real estate.

One of the things I do enjoy is looking at the stats Twitter now provides. Interesting to see a single Tweet get 1200 views in an hour or some random number like that. It still amazes me.

Look at my Twitter Avatar. Has it been there forever? Has yours? Glam shot in your future? Should I change it? Uh, Nope!

People tell me I need to use Twitter to tease more content. I’ve never been a tease. (Just putting that out there.)

I’ve also been told I should break up my tweets and spread out and reuse my content. I’m sure that’s a thing but why try that hard.?

Some have said that I am not using my bio section to my advantage. It’s just my name company and website. How much else do you want to know? My life is not defined by #Hashtags. I did invent a couple. And that’s important?

Did I mention building the tribe? I did. Ok, good, just checking.

Someone suggested that I “be human and be authentic.” I asked if they have ever looked at my feed. They said, “no not really.” Who in the fuck keeps it more real and authentic than The Godfather?

How many inspirational quotes and motivational quotes with pics and quotes of quotes do you post? None that I know of because I will instantly unfollow your ass if you do.

Do you pay any attention to the Promoted tweets? Be honest.

Do you still consider tweeting a form of blogging?

How much credit do you give Twitter as a legit resource?

How many of you find out real or fake news on Twitter first?

How many of you wish it wasn’t valuable at all?

Have I received $$$ to Tweet? If I did how would you know? (Fuck the lawyers who respond to this with a dissertation)

How fast can AI make that profession redundant? Let’s start a clock.

How connected is #CRE and #CRETech on a global scale because of Twitter?

I’ve noticed the “kids” are not on Twitter. It must not be cool. Actually, I prefer it that way.

When was the last time you picked up a newspaper or a magazine?

Is that Twitter’s fault? Or do you just like to kill trees?

So it’s been ten years and 10,000 filtered followers that give me permission to provide some form of #CRE content.

When will it end?

Should it end?

Everything ends at some point does it not?

10 Years of Twitter and Commercial Real Estate. Random Thoughts.


+1 It’s free. It’s transparent, maybe. It’s used like a weapon and then some.

+1+1 Did you notice no pics or links or anything back to my personal Twitter account?








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