10 “Things” Commercial Real Estate Needs For 2011

Oh no not another list! My list of 10 “things” I would like to see for 2011.

1. Commercial real estate site index by category: tech, listing, mls/cie’s,mobile,software apps,I- pad apps,I-phone,broker sites,mtg and title, lead generation,video,crm, analytics,social community,mapping, WordPress, etc.

2.  A blog just about commercial real estate tech tools and how to use them!  Not spammy sales BS. Just free good stuff….think of the traffic.

3.  20 page how to for commercial real estate and social media that is not dated (maybe updated monthly.) I saw one with Myspace as a site to be on…really!

4. One and I mean one place to download commercial real estate listings that will aggregate out to all sites just like Listhub for residential.

5. White paper: Social media is dead. What is next?

6.  Site that combines start up tech and skills with vc integration and of course commercial real estate.  Hey, San Francisco are you listening?

7. Create independent (as in no association of any kind involved in) commercial real estate innovation awards or recognition. Software,brokerage, start-up,apps, plugins, sites etc.  Again, just for commercial real estate.

8. LinkedIn creates an app that allows profiles to make me live and mobile for commercial real estate…or I may find another place to connect with my commercial real estate network.

9. Stats as in up to the second stats on distressed commercial real estate inventory that I can access for any market. We all paid out the… to bail the banks out.  How about FULL disclosure?

10. White paper: Facebook will not exists in 5 years so why are you wasting so much time?  What should you be doing instead?

My thoughts on some things I would like to read, see, have some fun with and maybe even get involved in for commercial real estate in 2011. What is your list of 10?

Duke Long