10 signs that you love to read (too much) commercial real estate online stuff

10.  You have not done a deal in a year.

Hey, you have all the time in the world so why not bone up on the biz.

9.  You do a ton of deals and read to learn.

Admit it.  There is a ton of “noise” out there, but you filter pretty well and find some useful nuggets that help push your business.

8.  Fashion tips.

Have you seen the Gaga gal and the Kardashiannna chick with the big butt?  Inspiring is it not?

7.  No one quotes Tony Robbins or that Gary Vanderwine guy.

Let’s be honest, any day that goes by without some earth shattering wisdom from these two is a plus.

6.  You think commercial real estate writing is exciting?

As a side note there are 1100 separate blog entries in Google for “cooking makes me happy.”  Sounds just as exciting…Really!

5.  You don’t have time to read because you are too busy actually creating deals.

God Bless and God Speed.

4.  The Stats.

The number are sooo pretty.  If you read them long enough they all start to make sense…..kinda.

3.  Credibility.

At least you can check out the content and the writers . As opposed to say checking ESPN and finding out for sure that Brett Favre IS retired.

2.  Breaking News, Breaking News.

It is a little cool to be up on your market and the market in general, way before that guy…you know MR. Longtime WSJ and Barron’s reader down the hall.   He will catch on…maybe.

1. No Bullshit

You have been in the business.  You have been “around the block” as they say.   It does not take a hell of a lot to hit your BS meter.  Most of the stuff you are reading is the real stuff, written by real people, with real world experience doing real commercial real estate business every day.  Maybe you should jump in and put a little something out there too.  Might help somebody out.  Can’t really hurt can it?

Photo via Flickr:http://www.flickr.com/photos/horiavarlan/

Duke Long